Making the most of your grass and maize

The below tool is designed to support you with decisions for grass and maize, from common weed problems to the advice about seed and silage inoculant products.

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    1188 continues to be the product of choice for treating grass cut at 25% dry matter content or below. 1188 is a long proven and powerful product that has a unique capability to convert available grass sugars to lactic acid and rapidly and efficiently lower pH.

    1188 provides various benefits including lower dry matter losses incurred in the ensiling process and improved silage intakes.

    11G22 Rapid React®

    11G22 contains a unique blend of proprietary bacteria formulated to reduce aerobic heating and fermentation losses, improving silage quality and animal performance in high dry matter grass, wholecrop and pea/ cereal silages between 25% and 45% dry matter content. 

    11G22 includes Rapid React® technology. A proprietary fast-acting strain of Lactobacillus buchneri that speeds up improvement in aerobic stability so that silage is aerobically stable from as soon as 7 days after ensiling.


    11GFT is specifically for grass and whole crop cereal forages. It comprises a complex set of bacteria, including a novel patent protected strain of Lactobacillus buchneri, and has three modes of action. 11GFT improves the efficiency of the lactic fermentation, improves aerobic stability and improves fibre digestibility.   

    11GFT is an ideal choice for treating silages that will be incorporated into high production dairy and beef feeding systems.


    11A44 contains a proprietary strain of Lactobacillus buchneri formulated to dramatically reduce heating in a very wide range of high dry matter silages. Whether the aerobic spoilage risk is caused for instance by long chop length, summer or slow feed-out, or low compaction levels 11A44 is able to significantly reduce spoilage.

    11A44 offers a biological solution without the health risk associated with applying acids and acid salts.

    11C33 Rapid React®

    11C33 contains a complex blend of proprietary bacteria formulated to enhance fermentation, aerobic stability, dry matter recovery and preservation whilst minimizing dry matter losses in maize silage. 

    11C33 includes Rapid React® technology. A proprietary fast-acting strain of Lactobacillus buchneri that speeds up improvement in aerobic stability so that silage is aerobically stable from as soon as 7 days after ensiling.


    11CH4 is a revolutionary product with patent protection suitable for a wide range of high dry matter silages destined for biogas use. It works by unlocking nutrients and releasing energy, significantly increasing methane production from grass and silages compared to conventional acetic acid releasing bacteria.

    Research has highlighted that use of 11CH4 increases methane yield by 8% whilst at the same time improving aerobic stability and reducing silage losses by 50%.

    11B91 Rapid React®

    11B91 is bacterial silage inoculant that provides a non-hazardous biological solution to achieving aerobic stability. It is an effective, cost-efficient alternative to the use of caustic acid-based products when crimping high moisture maize grain.

    11B91 includes Rapid React® technology. A proprietary fast-acting strain of Lactobacillus buchneri that speeds up improvement in aerobic stability so that silage is aerobically stable from as soon as 7 days after ensiling.


    P7179 is a new hybrid for 2023 sowing in both the UK and Ireland. In PACTS trials it has shown itself to now be the earliest maturity hybrid in the Pioneer range. It delivers higher dry matter yields, higher grain yields and higher starch contents for this hybrid maturity.

    P7034 P7034

    P7034 is the first Pioneer Hybrid of this maturity that has dent type grain and has been bred specifically for the cool maritime locations found in the UK, Ireland and Scandinavia. P7034 is classed as a Pioneer M³ hybrid. This hybrid flowers early and produces silage with a very high starch content and starch yield.

    P7034 is typical of dent hybrids which invariably yield more starch than traditional flint type hybrids, and the starch they produce is of a type that degrades at a significantly faster rate in the rumen. Due to its faster ruminal starch degradation rate consideration should be given to clamping it last and feeding it first, thereby smoothing the feeding transition to new crop silage.


    P7948 is suitable for sowing on favourable sites in the open, favourable sites and some less favourable sites situations under film. P7948 has very good standing ability and can produce a particularly large stature plant when grown in the open.


    Leystar® is a selective herbicide for use in new sown leys, grass for seed, maize, cereals and cereals undersown with grass.

    Leystar is much valued by grassland farmers for its wide weed spectrum including chickweed, seedling docks and thistles and good grass safety when used on new sown leys. Leystar is also for use in maize and grass grown for seed.


    Envy® controls buttercups, dandelions and other perennial weeds in paddocks and low productivity grassland. Envy has a short stock exclusion of just 7 days and no herbicide residue concerns in manure, which is very important in equine situations where manure is picked and used on gardens or allotments.

    Forefront® T

    Forefront® T delivers the highest levels of control of docks, thistles, nettles, ragwort, buttercups and dandelions. It can only be used on grazing ground or after last cut of silage. Manure restrictions apply, see Stewardship Advice. It is very safe to grass.

    Doxstar® Pro

    Doxstar® Pro is a concentrated formulation controlling all species of docks in established grassland.

    Docks are a major problem in UK grassland and can have serious impacts on productivity and palatability of forage. Docks compete with grass for light, nutrients and moisture thus reducing grass yields. They have only 65% of the feed value of good grass and are generally unpalatable to livestock. Docks are a long-term problem and therefore require a long-term solution.

    Grazon® Pro

    Grazon® Pro contains 60 g/L clopyralid + 240 g/L triclopyr. This combination provides excellent control of broad-leaved dock, curled dock, creeping thistle, spear thistle and common nettle and also has an effect on a large range of other weeds.


    Thistlex® is a very effective translocated product for both creeping and spear thistle. It is very safe to grass. Thistles need controlling because they compete with grass for space, light, nutrients and water. Thistles are unpalatable to stock, lead to greater incidence of Orf and reduce the available grazing.


    Accent® is a broad-spectrum herbicide for weed control in forage maize. A water-dispersible granule containing 750 g/kg nicosulfuron for weed control in forage maize.

    Pas®Tor® Ag Pack

    Pas®Tor® delivers long-lasting perennial weed control in one convenient box. It provides excellent control of docks, thistles and nettles. Pas and Tor are translocated to the roots ensuring long-term control and the Pas·Tor Agronomy Pack does not hold back grass growth after application.


    P7326 is our biggest selling hybrid in the UK (2023). Trials have shown it reaches 30% dry matter quickly and produces good yields of high starch content silage and has a high degree of adaptation to cultivation on less favourable locations where heat is often limiting.

All suggestions made by our solution finder are advisory only. Please reach out to your agronomist or local Corteva contact for further advice.